Fabulous food: Local pubs named in Michelin guide

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Three local pubs have retained their listings in the recently-published Michelin ‘Eating Out In Pubs’ guide 2017.

The Pheasant in Annahilt and Hillsborough’s The Parson’s Nose and The Plough Inn were among six pubs in the Co Down area to retain their listings.

Produced by leading tyre manufacturer Michelin, this year’s guide recommends more than 500 pubs spread across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, of which 38 are new entries and all of which are selected, first and foremost, for the standard of their food.

Noting that the quality of cooking in some of these pubs rivals that of restaurants, guide editor Rebecca Burr, who also edits the famed Michelin Guide Great Britain & Ireland, commented: “We are increasingly witnessing how pubs can provide a platform for young chefs to start their own businesses, and how inventive these chefs can be, particularly when it comes to the sourcing of their ingredients.”

The Michelin ‘Eating Out In Pubs’ guide 2017 is priced £14.99 and is available in bookshops and online at travel.michelin.co.uk