Tubbs saves the day to become Garvey’s ‘Toto’

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Lisnagarvey Youth Society will be taking to the stage of the Island Hall with their production ‘The Wizard of Oz’ next week but have been having a ‘ruff’ time filling one vital role.

The cast has been busy rehearsing all summer but unfortunately there has had to be a last minute substitution in one of the leading roles.

Brittany Bell had been cast as Dorothy’s canine companion Toto. However, Pomeranian Brittany proved to be something of a doggy diva and an understudy had to be found just a week before the curtain was due to go up.

Luckily Tubbs was happy to step into the limelight and is looking forward to his new found fame.

Eight month old Tubbs is a newcomer to the world of theatre but his family are not, with mum Gina helping behind the scenes as a make up lady for the show, while Dillan and Bronagh will be taking to the stage with him.

Tubbs is already used to being treated like a star and enjoys starting each morning with a belly rub.

He has also been known to have a penchant for the odd treat or two and, insiders have reported that he has been known to help himself to a bag of treats on occasion.

He is already preparing himself for the role of a lifetime and has been promised a trip to the doggy beauty parlour before curtain up.

Tubbs will be joined on stage by Pippa Duggan as Dorothy, Anna Farrelly as Glinda, Katie Bowden as the Wicked Witch, Rhys Waterworth as Scarecrow, Alex Morrow as the Tin Man and Nicole Bell as the Lion. The Wizard of Oz runs from August 28-20 and tickets, priced £10 are on sale from the Box Office on 92509254.