Wins for Ruth and Billy

RUTH Neely and Billy Clinghan came out on top at the Jethro Lurgan Rinks League when they were the only local winners.

Morning section: W. Cousins 19(3) M. Hamilton 7(0), A. Magee 18(3) G. Richardson 15(1), C. Maguire 9(0) W. Clinghan 20(3), A. Kirk 10(0) E. Smyth 19(3), W. Cairns 15(1) C. Whitty 17(3), R. Neely 18(3) M. Milligan 12(0).

Afternoon section: N. Orr 10(0) L. Maginnis 22(3), J. Mackle 7(0) G. Bell 13(3), P. Sexton 6(0) S. Garvey 20(3), S. White 6(0) N. Garvey 20(3), S. Malcolmson (0) N. Conlon (3), B. Boness 25(3) W. Martin 8(0).


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