Valley go down by a shot

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Lagan Valley 81 (2.5) Windsor 82 (4.5)

Lagan Valley had two winners and shared another game but they had to settle for 2.5 points after losing by a shot at home to Windsor in NIBA Division 5.

Down 7-13 at the tenth and 14-15 at 15 ends Jim Spence took a 18-17 lead with an end left but dropped a shot and had to settle for a tie.

After starting with a five Jim Kinkead was 15-5 up at the tenth and 17-12 at 15 ends. Valley lifted a four and two threes on the way to a 14 shots win.

After starting with a four Billy Hobson was level 13-13 at the tenth and 27-19 ahead at 15 ends but had to hold on for a one shot win.

Down 2-11 at the tenth and 5-17 at 15 ends Jeff Fawcus lost by 16 shots.

R. Stewart, A. McIlroy, G. Murdoch, J. Spence 18, S. Martin 18; W. Benson, B. Lemon, J. Houston, J. Kinkead 28, R. Scott 14; A. Jennings, W. McPherson, S. Hutchinson, W. Hobson 27, S. Hoy 26; G. Carruthers, M. Blair, G. Stubbs, J. Fawcus 8, D. Clarke 24.