Top teams take maximum points



TWO of the top teams took maximum points in Section A of the Lisburn Indoor Bowling League with big wins for Ballinderry and Hillsborough Social, but Soldierstown dropped a point and a half at St Paul’s.

Eddie Marsden made the Ballinderry success over Aghagallon very comfortable with a 15 shots win, but they were made to battle in the other games.

At the fourth Marie Corey was 3-1 ahead and 5-2 at the sixth, but Paul Reid lifted a four and added two singles to win by three shots.

A three at the fourth gave Chris Connolly a 6-2 lead but a four at the sixth put Keith Morrison 7-6 up. Aghagallon added two singles to take an 8-7 lead but Ballinderry finished with a three to win by two shots.

Two threes and a four helped Eddie Marsden to a 14-0 lead at the sixth and after Eamon Hamill lifted a single Ballinderry finished with two singles to win by 15 shots.

A four and a three enabled Raymond Stubbs to lead 8-1 at the fourth, but Geraldine Tallon pulled back to 5-9 with a three at the seventh. Ballinderry added a single which meant a last end four still left Aghagallon a shot down.

R. McKinstry, J. Marsden, J. McKinstry, P. Reid 8, J. Lavery, J. Connolly, S. Hannon, M. Corey 5; B. Law, A. Morrison, L. Graham, K. Morrison 10, M. McBarron, S. Russell, G. Little, C. Connolly 8; S. Law, D. Brownlie, D. Peden, E. Marsden 16, F. Russell, B. Brown, U. Corey, E. Hamill 1; W. Scott, J. Grant, N. Marsden, R. Stubbs 10, M. Fitzpatrick, A. Tallon, B. Walsh, G. Tallon 9.

KILLANEY 29 (3.5) EGLANTINE 29 (3.5)

GARETH Christie rescued a share of the spoils for Killaney with a second half win after Ken Purnell had set up Eglantine for an overall win at the break in Section A.

Roy Copes started with two singles but William McCullough came back to lead 8-2 at the seventh and though Killaney finished with three, one they still lost by two shots.

Ken Purnell lifted a five at the third but a three at the fourth put Eddie Patterson level at 5-5. A three at the seventh gave Eglantine a 10-5 lead. Killaney added a single but Eglantine finished with a double for a six shots win.

A four helped Gareth Christie to a 7-1 lead at the fourth and after Vincy Bryans lifted two singles Killaney added three singles to win by seven shots.

At the sixth Michael Foreman was 5-2 ahead but George McLernon pulled back a double. Killaney lifted a two and though Eglantine finished with a double they lost by a shot.

S. McAlister, P. Gregg, J. Copes, R. Copes 6, R. Neely, L. Purnell, L. Morrow, W. McCullough 8; G. Dobbin, I. Johnston, A. Patterson, E. Patterson 6, M. McQuillan, D. Ford, M. McLernon, K. Purnell 12; J. Gregg, R. Wylie, J. Campbell, G. Christie 10, J. Liggett, T. Heasley, M. McQuillan, V. Bryans 3; G. Taylor, D. Rutherford, K. Young, M. Foreman 7, A. Liggett, S. Bates, C. Campbell, G. McLernon 6.


V. McCarthyy, A. Carser, P. Dennison, N. D. Haire 9, M. Wilson, M. McCandless, J. Campbell, M. Stevenson 6; J. Nimmon, G. Ervine, B. Clinghan, A. Riley 17, S. Russell, R. Park, J. Tinsley, W. McAllister 6; G. Riley, L. Rea, D. Sloan, N. Haire 12, I. Harbinson, B. Park, H. McCourt, D. Hutchinson 5; T. Haire, D. Verner, R. Greer, N. Hamilton 10, G. Jeffers, D. Belshaw, V. McCourt, J. Green 6.

ST PAUL’S 28 (1.5) SOLDIERSTOWN 30 (5.5)

B. Allen, J. Cunningham, B. Kerr, G. Harvey 6, J. Lavery, C. McCord, D. McLorn, C. Dillon 8; B. Maguire, F. Walsh, M. Holmes, J. Harvey 7, S. Montgomery, G. Stewart, H. Dillon, J. Mackey 7; B. Braithwaite, I. Kane, G. Megarry, P. Hughes 10, A. Bell, J. Johnston, W. Johnston, J. Johnston 9; J. Maze, R. Topping, J. Chapman, K. Burns 5, J. McLorn, D. Johnston, R. Martin, G. Robinson 6.