Top marks as young South side defeat Campbellians


SOUTH entered this game knowing that three points could see them rise up the league thanks to other scheduled fixtures.

The young team started well – applying pressure all over the pitch and stringing together some mouth watering passing moves. It wasn’t long before the pressure paid off in the form of a penalty corner, and veteran Ricky O’Neill as always stepped up to the challenge. It was a formality really, and there were no surprises when the ball flew passed the bewildered keeper into the top left corner. 

South showed some gaps in their revision when Campbellians were allowed to break and score a soft equaliser. 

South, showing great maturity, continued with the task in hand, with the midfield pairing of Marshall and Marshall controlling the game. It wasn’t long before another penalty corner was awarded and up stepped Ricky. Could he keep this season’s 100% drag flick record? Another pinpoint rocket, un-noticed by the keeper gave South a 2-1 lead as half time approached. 

Maybe it was down to the “big up” session before the game but South, unlike on previous occasions, managed to control the second half and keep Campbellians from causing any substantial threat. Unfortunately South were unable to capitalise on their dominance and in the end settled for the 2-1 win.