Three winners but Garvey lose

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Portadown 90 (4) Lisnagarvey 71 (3)

Lisnagarvey were up on three rinks but had to settle for three points when Portadown scored a big win on the other rink in NIBA Division 1.

Down 5-9 at the tenth Philip Cromie was 19-12 ahead at 18 ends and held on to win by a shot.

Down 6-11 at the tenth and 11-14 at 15 ends Neil Mulholland was 18-14 ahead with two ends left before dropping two singles.

Ahead 9-5 at the tenth but 16-19 down at 15 ends Ivan Craig lifted four and three to win by five shots.

Down 5-19 at the tenth and 6-26 at 15 ends Noel Graham lost by 27 shots.

R. McMullan 18, A. Johnston, J. Shortt, J. McCloughlin, P. Cromie 19; D. Gordon 16, S. Irwin, G. Riley, B. Carroll, N. Mulholland 18; A. Corrigan 20, W. Scott, A. O’Rourke, G. McCloughlin, I. Craig 25; M. Sproule 36, S. Jess, P. Hughes, J. Chapman, N. Graham 9.

Lisnagarvey got their first win of the season in NIBA Division 1 when they took five points off Banbridge at Warren Gardens.

Phil gets the point for Garvey B

Lisnagarvey B 71 (1) Carrick B 84 (6)

Lisnagarvey B had to settle for a point when they lost by 13 shots at home to Carrick B in NIBA Division 3.

Phil Lavery was 13-8 ahead at the tenth and 21-9 at 15 ends before winning by nine shots.

Down 5-8 at the tenth but level 10-10 at 15 ends Adrian McNevison was level with an end left but dropped two shots.

Ahead 8-7 at thye tenth but 10-17 down at 15 ends Denis Rankin lost by 14 shots.

Level 11-11 at the tenth but 14-20 down at 15 ends Maurice Adamson lost by six shots.

A. Smyth, C. Curry, J. Nelson, A. McNevison 13, W. Nicholl 15; K. Johnston, C. McLean, B. Lemon, D. Rankin 12, H. Swindell 26; H. Simpson, B. McMullan, D. Porter, P. Lavery 26, M. Peoples 17; J. Riley, S. McDowell, M. Wilson, M. Adamson 20, C. Wallace 26.

On Tuesday night Lisnagarvey B could only manage a point away to St Stephen’s in NIBA Division 3. Phil Lavery’s rink were were the winners.