St Joseph’s hang in there in Section B

Jim Bain bowling for Lisburn Masonic in their game against St Clare's A, Glenavy. US0313-532cd
Jim Bain bowling for Lisburn Masonic in their game against St Clare's A, Glenavy. US0313-532cd

ST JOSEPH’S 43 (6) SUFFOLK 23 (1)

ST Joseph’s are hanging in there in the Section B Lisburn Indoor Bowling League promotion race following this 20 shots win and six points away to Suffolk.

But, Hilden and Annahilt Parish, who met last week, remain the promotion favourites.

M. Furey, L. McFall, T. Mullan, S. Mulholland 6, R. McCullough, H. McKenna, L. Dunlop, R. Devine 8; G. Laverty, M. McGuile, D. McCallion, H. Lundy 9, G. McIlduff, M. O’Neill, K. Harrison, S. Collins 6; P. Mallon, S. Duffy, B. McFall, D. Magennis 10, T. Mallon, P. Rooney, N. Mallon, M. Dunlop 4; T. Wilkinson, |T. Brown, A. O’Rourke, C. Mulholland 18, J. McCann, S. McIlduff, J. Deery, D. McGreevy 5.

SLOAN STREET 32 (5.5) SUFFOLK 26 (1.5)

SLOAN Street scored a six shots home win over Suffolk in Section B, taking 5.5 points.

At the third John Beck was 4-0 ahead but Sadie Collins responded with a three. At the seventh Sloan Street led 7-5 and added a three next end before dropping a double though winning by three shots.

At the third Adrian McNevison led 4-0 and after Roy Devine lifted a three Sloan Street went on to lead 7-4 at the seventh. Suffolk finished with one, two to get a draw.

After Thelma Irwin started with two singles Michael Dunlop was 5-2 ahead at the fifth and 6-3 by seven ends. Sloan Street lifted a double but Suffolk finished with a single to win by two shots.

A four helped Stephen Irwin to a 7-0 lead at the fourth, but P. Gillen replied with three, one. Sloan treet added a double and after Suffolk responded with a single it was the home team who won by five shots.

A. Agnew, W. Irwin, K. Armstrong, J. Beck 10, K. Harrison, H. McKenna, L. Dunlop, S. Collins 7; J. McIntyre, M. Leathem, C. Aicken, A. McNevison 7, D. McGreevy, S. Kavanagh, R. McCullough, R. Devine 7; V. Ervine, A. Hanna, T. Beck, T. Irwin 5, J. Mallon, J. McCann, N. Mallon, M. Dunlop 7; D. Miskimmon, H. Megrath, A. Smyth, S. Irwin 10, E. McCloskey, T. McArdle, M. Kavanagh, P. Gillen 5.

ST MARK’S 24 (0.5) ST COLMAN’S LAMBEG 36 (6.5)

I. Moore, C. Walker, N. Martin, D. Moore 3, A. Duckett, S. Lundy, P. Rea, G. McWilliams 12; S. McDowell, C. Barclay, S. Dugan, K. Ellison 6, P. Hunter, J. Donnelly, J. Burns, J. Burns 6; A. Walker, L. Scott, S. Barclay, I. Robinson 8, E. Rodgers, P. Bradley, M. Quigley, F. Agnew 9; L. McDowell, F. Stevenson, J. Ellison, A. Robinson 7, D. Brennan, H. Causing, R. Sale, L. Long 9.

ROCK 37 (5.5) LAMBEG PARISH 31 (1.5)

V. Brennan, T. Cushnahan, H. Hart, F. Cunningham 7, M. McEwan, E. Finlay, C. Kirkwood, R. Campbell 17; S. Brennan, C. Hart, J. Cushnahan, T. Cushnahan 6, A. Jennings, M. Smyth, S. Kirkwood 6; M. Reid, R. Kane, K. Diamond, P. Connolly 10, M. Walker, Jean Parkinson, E. Rice, Jim Parkinson 6; E. McGarry, I. Hart, S. Cushnahan, P. Cushnahan 14, A. Jennings, B. Bloomfield, M. Kerr, M. Kirkwood 2.