Killaney fall at Aghagallon

KILLANEY travelled to Aghagallon in the Ulster Star Lisburn Indoor Bowling League Section A and only managed a point in a 17 shots defeat.

Indeed, Aghagallon were leading by 17 shots at the interval and shared the spoils in the second half.

J. Lavery, J. Connolly, U. Corey, M. Corey 13, J. Gregg, G. Dobbin, A. Patterson, E. Patterson 6; T. Byrne, M. McBarron, S. Russell, C. Connolly 12, G. Taylor, K. Young, M. Foreman, I. Johnston 2; A. Tallon, F. Russell, B. Walsh, G. Tallon 10, S. McAlister, P. Gregg, J. Copes, R. Copes 5; M. Fitzpatrick, B. Brown, E. Hamill, G. Little 4, R. Mills, D. Mills, J. Campbell, G. Christie 9.