Jim’s big win helps Lisburn Masonic

ST CLARE’S B 19 (1)


JIM Houston’s 16 shots win helped Lisburn Masonic to a 20 shots success and six points away to St Clare’s B in Section C of the Lisburn Indoor Bowling League.

At the fifth Jim Kinkead was 4-2 ahead and after Colum Cormican lifted a single Masonic added five, one which meant a last end single still left St Clare’s six shots down.

At the fifth Sinead McKeag was 8-0 ahead and after Billy Grant lifted three, one St Clare’s finished with two singles to win by six shots which left the teams level at the interval.

A five and a three helped Jim Houston to a 12-0 lead at the fifth and after Joe McNulty lifted a single Masonic finished with one, three, one to win by 16 shots.

It was level at 3-3 after four ends but Wilfie Benson lifted a double and after Hugh Heffron replied with a single Masonic added three singles to win by four shots.

O. Brennan, S. McAreavey, A. McVeigh, C. Cormican 4, J. Smyth, D. McPherson, C. Cross, J. Kinkead 10; R. Kane, P. Brennan, R. Clarke, S. McKeag 10, B. Williamson, R. Spence, B. Lemon, W. Grant 4; E. O’Neill, A. McNulty, N. McComb, J. McNulty 1, T. McCollum, M. Blair, A. Spence, J. Houston 17; A. McNama, J. Burns, A. Mulholland, H. Heffron 4, Y. Williamson, I. McCammon, D. Kirk, W. Benson 8.

ST CLARE’S A 37 (7)


C. McErlean, G. Armstrong, I. Quinn, A. Creaney 7, M. Agnew, T. Neill, D. Carser, R. Carser 6; A. O’Brien, J. O’Brien, D. Magee, M. Armstrong 11, C. Connery, P. Connery, R. Scales, J. Walker 7; E. Nelson, R. McCann, B. McCann, G. Brankin 7, L. Scales, J. Doran, N. Kerr, K. Murdock 5; J. Creaney, P. McClarence, J. Thornton, M. Byrne 12, E. Eakin, B. Doran, L. McCalmont, G. Scales 8.


ST CLARE’S A 37 (5)

B. Kane, H. Magihon, O. McCauley, David Parkes 5, A. O’Brien, J. O’Brien, J. Creaney, J. Thornton 13; M. Atcheson, Darren Parkes, H. Wilmot, J. Reilly 6, S. McDonald, E. Nelson, B. McCann, G. Brankin 15; B. Quoile, K. Quoile, B. McClarnon, J. Bratty 12, C. Magee, P. McClarence, P. Magee, M. Armstrong 4; J. McCartney, R. Blevings, R. Hamilton, K. McCreight 12, C. McErlean, G. Armstrong, I. Quinn, A. Creaney 5.


ST CLARE’S B 22 (0)

A. Briggs, S. Briggs, H. Wilson, B. Briggs 20, O. Brennan, S. McAreavey, N. McComb, C. Cormican 2; T. Leathem, J. Thompson, J. Dougherty, D. Reddick 10, L. Brennan, M. McAreavey, R. Clarke, S. McKeag 5; R. Tougher, C. Davis, R. Best, B. Hobson 16, E. O’Neill, A. McNulty, T. Monaghan, J. McNulty 4; J. Skelton, D. Gray, L. Garrett, J. Gray 12, A. McNama, A. Mulholland, J. Burns, H. Heffron 11.


ST CLARE’S B 27 (1)

J. Moore, V. McMillen, B. Shirlow, I. Scott 12, O. Brennan, S. McAreavey, N. McComb, C. Cormican 2; D. Lindsay, A. Shirlow, R. Black, K. McCully 2, L. Brennan, E. O’Neill, P. Brennan, J. McNulty 15; A. O’Hara, D. Gardner, T. Smith, D. Henry 10, M. McAreavey, A. McNulty, R. Clarke, S. McKeag 6; G. Heatherington, J. Henry, D. Smith, C. Martin 10, A. McNama, A. Mulholland, I. Burns, H. Heffron 4.



C. Connery, P. Ferguson, T. Neill, N. Kerr 6, J. Moore, V. McMillen, B. Shirlow, I. Scott 4; E. Curran, |M. Agnew, D. Carser, R. Carser 11, J. Henry, A. Shirlow, K. McCully, R. Black 5; S. Rennie, J. Doran, R. Scales, A. Murdock 11, A. O’Hara, D. Gardner, T. Smith, D. Henry 3; E. Eakin, B. Doran, K. McCCalmont, G. Scales 13, G. Heatherington, D. Harrison, D. Smith, C. Martin 2.



S. Herron, E. O’Donnell, B. McCandless, J. Law 8, S. Mawhinney, T. McCollum, M. Blair, J. Houston 7; D. McKinley, D. McComb, M. Campbell, B. Turner 13, J. Smyth, D. McPherson, I. McCCammon, J. Kinkead 7; G. McGrath, G. McComb, E. Ashton, J. H. Campbell 14, Y. Williamson, C. Cross, B. Lemon, W. Benson 2; M. McKinley, J. McCallum, J. McCandless, G. Sey 3, B. Nimmons, R. Spence, J. Moore, B. Grant 10.