Jean ‘privileged’ to be Lady Captain

Jean White, the Lady Captain of Dunmurry Golf Club for 2013.
Jean White, the Lady Captain of Dunmurry Golf Club for 2013.

THE new Lady Captain at Dunmurry Golf Club for 2013, Jean White, has said it is a ‘privilege’ to captain the club’s ladies section.

Jean commented: “It is a great privilege to be invited to be Lady Captain of Dunmurry Golf Club, to succeed a long line of very able ladies, not least my mother-in-law, Helen and her sister Irene White. I was encouraged to take up golf when I married into the White family, and have actually been a member of the club since that time. I remember all the ladies who were central to the club in the early seventies, and who were very warm and welcoming to a young beginner. I even remember the old course in Upper Dunmurry Lane.

“Three children in quick succession and a return to my medical career meant my golf really never got off the first tee, and certainly my handicap remained unchanged, at the bottom. However, revitalizing my interest in golf was important in my retirement plan, and indeed it has proved ideal. It is a wonderful activity, combining skill, competitiveness, exercise outdoors, eternal optimism, and social contact.


“Being Lady Captain is a daunting privilege but I know I have an enthusiastic and active committee who will support me throughout the year. I would like to encourage all of you to continue to participate in our Friday competitions, whatever your skill level- don’t forget the only person really interested in your score is yourself, so never be afraid to join in. Those who have played on any of our teams know the thrill and excitement and camaraderie that is fostered, so do volunteer.

“My chosen charity, which I hope you will support, is The Northern Ireland Leukemia Research Fund, based at the City Hospital.

“Finally I wish our new Captain, George Gillespie, an enjoyable and successful year in office and I know that we will both strive to be good representatives of Dunmurry Golf Club.”