Individuals held in Ladies league

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THE finals of the Ladies Individuals were held in the Hertford Arms Ladies Dart League this week.

Results from the Quarter Finals were as follows: W. Braney beat P. Wood 2-0, J. Watson beat M. Jamison 2-0, N. Graham beat V. Walsh 2-0 and H. Hooks beat M. Brown 2-0. Semi Final results were: J. Watson beat W. Braney (100) 2-0 and N. Graham beat H. Hooks (130, 121, 22 darts) 2-1.

The Final saw N. Graham (2x140, 100) take on J. Watson (162) with N. Graham emerging the victor with a 3-2 win.

Results of the League Christmas draw were: R. Lyons, J. Currie, Edna, N. Holness, T. Taylor, V. Walsh, G. Cressey, J. McGhee, M. Crangle, T. Brown, M. Trainor and S. Christie.