Hillsborough are given an early fright



BOBBY Walker gave Hillsborough Social an early fright when he won the opening game, but they recovered to take six points from a five shots win in Section A of the Lisburn Indoor Bowling League.

A three at the second helped Walker to a 5-3 lead over Robert Sloan at the fifth and Derriaghy won the remaining ends with three singles and a double to win by seven shots.

A five at the second helped Dessie Hamilton to a 6-3 lead at the third, but Tommy Gill, who started with a three added a five to lead 9-6 at the fifth. But Hillsborough lifted seven, one to lead 14-9 at the seventh and went on to win by four shots, though Derriaghy were three shots up at the break.

A four at the sixth gave Nigel Hamilton a 7-2 lead, but Michael Fell came back with a three before Social added a double. A “no score’’ at the last end gave Hillsborough a four shots win.

A three helped Nick Haire to a 7-2 lead at the seventh and after Gerry Fell pulled back a double Hillsborough finished with a single to win by four shots.

C. Agnew, R. Hamilton, K. Johnston, R. Walker 10, T. Haire, G. Ervine, A. Riley, R. Sloan 3; A. Marks, C. Ross, J. Belshaw T. Gill 11, J. Hamilton, A. Carser, N. D. Haire, D. Hamilton 15; M. Pollock, T. McCallum, B. Leathem, M. Fell 5, V. McCarthy, W. Clinghan, R. Greer, N. Hamilton 9; N. Agnew, M. Reid, R. Partridge, G. Fell 4, G. Riley, P. Dennison, D. Sloan, N. Haire 8.


BALLINDERRY took all seven points when they scored a 35 shots win over Eglantine in Section A, though Eglantine had only lost by a shot in a Charity Cup tie earlier in which Ballinderry forfeited ten shots.

Keith Morrison was 6-1 ahead at the sixth and after John McCandless picked up another single Ballinderry finished with one, three to win by eight shots.

Charlie Morrison started with two doubles but that was all he scored when Raymond Stubbs recorded two threes to win by eight shots.

Three singles put Georg McLernon 3-2 ahead at the fourth but Eddie Marsden levelled with a single and went on to add three fours for a 12 shots win.

After starting with a six Paul Reid was 7-4 ahead at the fifth and a four helped him lead 12-4 at the seventh. William McCullough lifted a double but Ballinderry finished with a single for a seven shots win.

A. Morrison, L. Graham, G. Stubbs, K. Morrison 10, M. McQuillan, S. Bates, M. McLernon, J. McCandless 2; E. Marsden, J. Marsden, N. Marsden, R. Stubbs 12, A. Liggett, D. Ford, C. Campbell, C. Morrison 4; D. Brownlie, J. McKinstry, R. Gourley, E. Marsden 15, D. Kerr, J. Nelson, T. Heasley, G. McLernon 3; R. McKinstry, M. Beattie, D. Peden, P. Reid 13, E. Mackin, R. Neely, M. McQuillan, W. McCullough 6.


J. Nimmon, G. Ervine, A. Riley, R. Sloan 6, G. Taylor, D. Mills, I. Johnston, M. Foreman 10; J. Hamilton, A. Carser, N. D. Haire, D. Hamilton 7, R. Mills, G. Dobbin, A. Patterson, E. Patterson 6; V. McCarthy, D. Verner, W. Clinghan, N. Hamilton 12, S. McAlister, P. Gregg, J. Copes, R. Copes 5; G. Riley, P. Dennison, D. Sloan, N. Haire 8, J. Gregg, R. Wylie, D. Rutherford, G. Christie 7.


J. Gregg, D. Robinson, G. Dobbin, J. Copes 5, D. Johnston, J. Johnston, D. McLorn, J. Johnston 7; R. Mills, J. Robinson, A. Patterson, E. Patterson 13, J. McLorn, C. McCord, J. Dunlop, W. Johnston 9; S. McAlister, P. Gregg, J. Johnston, R. Copes 3, A. Bell, K. Magowan, R. McCaw, C. Dillon 10; G. Taylor, D. Scott, D. Mills, M. Foreman 6, B. Wilson, R. Martin, H. Dillon, J. Mackey 5.

POND PARK 30 (2) KILLANEY 31 (5)

M. Wilson, K. May, J. Campbell, M. Stevenson 9, J. Gregg, D. Mills, K. Young, M. Foreman 8; I. Harbinson, T. Best, B. Park, H. McCourt 6, G. Dobbin, D. Scott, A. Patterson, E. Patterson 9; G. Jeffers, M. McCandless, V. McCourt, J. Green 4, R. Mills, I. Johnston, D. Rutherford, J. Campbell 8; S. Rusell, N. Park, D. Belshaw, J. Tinsley 11, S. McAlister, A. Johnston, J. Copes, R. Copes 6.

POND PARK 33 (5) ST PAUL’S 32 (2)

S. Russell, N. Park, J. Tinsley, W. McAllister 9, J. Maze, F. Walsh, R. Topping, J. Chapman 11; I. Harbinson, D. Belshaw, H. McCourt, D. Hutchinson 13, A. Allen, J. Riley, G. Megarry, P. Hughes 5; G. Jeffers, B. Park, V. McCourt, J. Green 7, B. Maguire, W. Braithwaite, M. Holmes, J. Harvey 5; M. Wilson, M. McCandless, J. Campbell, M. Stevenson 4, B. Allen, J. Cunningham, B. Kerr, G. Harvey 11.


A. Millen, D. Carberry, E. Wright, D. Totten 9, J. Lavery, J. Connolly, U. Corey, M. Corey 3; N. Girvan, T. Fitzpatrick, M. Wright, R. Kennedy 9, T. Burns, F. Russell, S. Russell, C. Connolly 6; G. Law, D. Croot, C. Lyons, P. Melville 10, R. Brown, R. Hamill, G. Little, E. Hamill 4; B. Moore, H. Byrne, A. Mulligan, T. Connolly 10, M. Fitzpatrick, A. Tallon, S. Hannon, B. Walsh 5.