Garvey drive on at Transport

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Ulster Transport 67 Lisnagarvey 89

Lisnagarvey travelled to Ulster Transport in the first round of the IBA Senior Cup and came up with a good all-round performance to win by 23 shots.

Down 10-14 at the tenth and 15-16 at 15 ends Noel Graham came back to win by four shots.

Neil Mulholland was 5-4 up at the tenth and though dropping a five was 19-11 ahead at 15 ends before gaining a win by eight shots.

Down 6-15 at the tenth and 10-22 at 16 ends Philip Cromie lifted two, five, two, two to pull back to 21-22 with an end left but dropped a double.

With the help of two threes Ivan Craig led 13-4 at 15 ends and 18-5 at 15 ends and got a 13 shots win.

M. Devlin 19, S. Jess, P. Hughes, J. Chapman, N. Graham 23; R. Fiddis 15, S. Irwin, G. Riley, M. Nelson, N. Mulholland 23; M. Trew 24, A. Johnston, J. Shortt, J. McCloughlin, P. Cromie 21; B. Johnston 9, W. Scott, K. Armstrong, G. McCloughlin, I. Craig 22.

Garvey B ease through in Cup

Lisnagarvey B 78 Mossley B 57.5

Lisnagarvey B eased through in the first round of the IBA Junior Cup with a 20.5 shots home win over Mossley B.

A Four helped Maurice Adamson to a 13-3 lead at the tenth and 15-9 at 15 ends before winning by 13 shots.

Down 4-12 at the tenth and 7-16 at 15 ends Phil Lavery pulled back some shots but lost by six shots.

A three helped Denis Rankin to an 11-4 lead at the tenth and a five took him nto 19-4 at 15 ends. When the opposition were quartered Garvey won by 14.5 shots.

Down 4-11 at the tenth and 9-14 at 15 ends Bobby Carroll came back strongly to 14-14 but lost by a shot.

J. Riley, C. McLean, J. Nelson, M. Adamson 25, J. Kelly 12; M. Simpson, B. McMullan, D. Porter, P. Lavery 14, T. O’Neill 20; A. O’Rourke, C. Curry, B. Lemon, B. Carroll 14, C. Harbinson 15; K. Johnston, S. McDowell, M. Wilson, D. Rankin 25.