Eglantine grab a lifeline

DERRIAGHY 23 (1) EGLANTINE 38 (6): EGLANTINE grabbed a lifeline in their bid to avoid relegation from Section A of the Lisburn Indoor Bowling League when they won by 14 shots away to Derriaghy and took six points.

They had been bottom before this game but the win moves them above Priesthill Methodist and level with Aghagallon with Pond Park not quite out of the equation, which makes the last few weeks interesting.

C. Agnew, C. Ross, R. Partridge, R. Walker 10, S. Heasley, C. Campbell, S. Bates, G. McLernon 9; A. Marks, R. Hamilton, J. Belshaw, T. Gill 4, A. Liggett, Mary McQuillan, M. McLernon, J. McCandless 10; N. Agnew, M. Reid, T. Rolston, G. Fell 4, T. Heasley, L. Purnell, Mel McQuillan, W. McCullough 7; M. Pollock, B. Leathem, K. Johnston, M. Fell 6, R. Neely, J. Liggett, J. McClatchey, K. Purnell 12.

EGLANTINE 15 (0) HILLSBOROUGH SOCIAL 51 (7): R. Neely, D. Ford, M. McLernon, J. McCandless 4, J. Nimmon, T. Haire, A. Riley, N. D. Haire 6; D. Kerr, C. Campbell, S. Bates, G. McLernon 2, J. Hamilton, A. Carser, R. Sloan, D. Hamilton 18; J. Nelson, Mary McQuillan, J. McClatchey, K. Purnell 5, J. Clarke, J. McCarthy, R. Greer, N. Hamilton 14; T. Heasleyy, L. Purnell, Mel McQuillan, W. McCullough 4, G. Riley, L. Rea, P. Dennison, N. Haire 13.

HILLSBOROUGH SOCIAL 66 (6.5) AGHAGALLON 18 (0.5): J. Hamilton, A. Carser, R. Sloan, D. Hamilton 18, F. Russell, M. McBarron, S. Russell, C. Connolly 2; J. Nimmon, W. Clinghan, A. Riley, N. D. Haire 8, J. Laveryy, J. Connolly, S. Hannon, M. Corey 8; V. McCarthy, D. Verner, R. Greer, N. Hamilton 19, M. Fitzpatrick, A. Tallon, B. Walsh, G. Tallon 4; G. Riley, P. Dennison, D. Sloan, N. Haire 21, B. Brown, T. Byrne, E. Hamill, G. Little 4.

BALLINDERRY 32 (6) SOLDIERSTOWN 23 (1): BALLINDERRY assured the battle for the Section A Lisburn Indoor Bowling League title will be a straight fight with Hillsborough Social after they scored a nine shots home win and took six points off the other possible challengers, Soldierstown.

At the fourth Jim Johnston was 3-1 ahead, but Raymond Stubbs won the remaining ends with a double and four singles to get home by four shots.

J. Dunlop started with two singles but Keith Morrison won the remaining ends and finished with two threes to win by nine shots to give Ballinderry a 13 shots lead at the interval.

A four at the fourth gave William Johnston an 8-1 lead, but Eddie Marsden came back to 5-8 at the seventh. Soldierstown added a three and dropped a single to win by five shots.

John Mackey started with three, one, but Paul Reid won the next six ends to take an 8-4 lead with an end left though Soldierstown just failed to get a tie when they lifted three.

J. Marsden, A. Morrison, N. Marsden, R. Stubbs 7, A. Bell, J. Johnston, D. McLorn, J. Johnston 3; S. Marsden, J. McKinstry, G. Stubbs, K. Morrison 11, J. Lavery, D. Johnston, R. Martin, J. Dunlop 2; D. Brownlie, L. Grahame, R. Gourley, E. Marsden 6, J. McLorn, C. McCord, R. McCaw, W. Johnston 11; R. McKinstry, S. Law, M. Beattie, P. Reid 8, G. Stewart, K. Magowan, H. Dillon, J. Mackey 7.

AGHAGALLON 11 (0.5) BALLINDERRY 51 (6.5): F. Russell, M. McBarron, S. Russell, C. Connolly 3, R. McKinstry, J. Grant, G. Stubbs, K. Morrison 9; J. Lavery, J. Connolly, D. McAlernon, M. Corey 5, E. Marsden, J. McKinstry, N. Marsden, R. Stubbs 5; M. Fitzpatrick, A. Tallon, S. Hannon, B. Walsh 0, B. Law, L. Grahame, D. Peden, L. Murray 17; B. Brown, T. Byrne, G. Little, E. Hamill 3, D. Brownlie, A. Morrison, R. Gourley, P. Reid 20.

PRIESTHILL METHODIST 31 (1.5) ST PAUL’S 39 (5.5): M. Croot, B. Moore, E. Wright, A. Mulligan 7, B. Allen, J. Cunningham, B. Kerr, G. Harvey 10; E. Moore, H. Byrne, C. Lyons, D. Totten 7, J. Maze, B. Maguire, M. Holmes, J. Harvey 13; G. Law, D. Croot, A. Millen, P. Melville 8, S. Clarke, I. Kane, G. Megarry, P. Hughes 8; T. Fitzpatrick, M. McCammick, N. Girvan, R. Kennedy 9, B. Braithwaite, R. Topping, J. Chapman, K. Burns 8.

KILLANEY 33 (5) POND PARK 29 (2):

J. Gregg, D. Scott, K. Young, I. Johnston 6, M. McCandless, N. Park, H. McCourt, W. McAllister 12; G. Taylor, G. Dobbin, A. Patterson, E. Patterson 9, I. Harbinson, J. Tinsley, S. Patterson, D. Hutchinson 10; R. Mills, P. Gregg, D. Rutherford, M. Foreman 8, M. Wilson, D. Belshaw, B. Park, M. Stevenson 5; S. McAlister, D. Mills, J. Copes, R. Copes 10, S. Russell, K. May, A. Ross, J. Green 2.