Derriaghy maintain winning run

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Derriaghy maintained their winning run in Section B of the Roy Kennedy Fuels Indoor Bowling League by taking five points from a four shots success at home to Rock.

Derriaghy 31 (5) Rock 27 (2)

S. Williamson, R. Hamilton, J. Belshaw, T. Gill 8, F. Cunningham, P. Connolly, B. McKeown, M. Reid 10; J. Nimmon, T. Rolston, C. Ross, G. Fell 7, A. Cunningham, T. Cushnahan, D. Lunn, F. Cunningham 3; M. Pollock, K. Johnston, D. Carser, R. Walker 8, M. Cushnahan, H. Fleming, S. Cushnahan, P. Cushnahan 5; A. Carser, N. Agnew, R. Carser, M. Fell 8, A. Lamb, H. Hart, J. Cushnahan, T. Cushnahan 9.

St Joseph’s 35 (2) Broomhedge 36 (5)

B. O.Rourke, M. McGuile, T. Mallon, T. Magennis 12, V. Thompson, G. Martin, T. Dougherty, D. Reddick 14; A. Catney, S. Duffy, G. Laverty, H. Lundy 10, R. Tougher, D. Gray, L. Thompson, B. Hobson 8; B. McGurnaghan, M. Furey, A. O’Rourke, S. Mulholland 7, T. Leathem, T. Parkinson, R. Best, L. Garrett 10; S. Wilkinson, B. McFall, B. Magennis, C. Mulholland 6, S. Briggs, A. Briggs, H. Wilson, B. Briggs 14.

Sloan Street 37 (6) Pond Park 33 (1)

J. Bell, W. Irwin, A. Smyth, S. Irwin 13, S. Russell, G. Jeffers, I. Harbinson, M. Stevenson 6; C. Aicken, J. McIntyre, H. Megrath, T. Irwin 4, M. Wilson, A. Brown, B. Park, D. Tougher 16; S. Kirkwood, J. Shannon, D. Kirkwood, A. McNevison 11, K. May, J. Taylor, V. McCourt, J. Green 5; L. Kirkwood, M. Adamson, J. Short, K. Armstrong 9, J. Campbell, N. Park, M. McCandless, H. McCourt 6.