Ballinderry stay top



BALLINDERRY remained top of Section A of the Ulster Star Lisburn Indoor Bowling League following a 25 shots home win from which they took six points against St Paul’s.

At the fifth Raymond Stubbs was 3-2 ahead but three and one at the next two ends gave Glen Harvey a 6-3 lead. Ballinderry lifted a three but St Paul’s finished with a single to get a one shot win.

After starting with a five Keith Morrison added another five at the sixth to lead 12-2. Jim Harvey lifted a three but Ballinderry finished with two, one to win by ten shots.

A three helped Eddie Marsden to a 10-1 lead at the sixth and after Pat Hughes lifted his second single Ballinderry finished with two, one to win by 11 shots.

At the fourth Paul Reid was 5-0 ahead and after Ken Burns came back with two, one, one to make it 5-4 Ballinderry finished with three, one to win by five shots.

J. Grant, J. Marsden, N. Marsden, R. Stubbs 6, B. Allen, B. Maguire, B. Kerr, G. Harvey 7; A. Morrison, M. Beattie, G. Stubbs, K. Morrison 15, B. Braithwaite, F. Walsh, J. Cunningham, J. Harvey 5; D. Brownlie, J. McKinstry, R. Gourley, E. Marsden 13, A. Allen, I. Kane, G. Megarry, P. Hughes 2; R. McKinstry, L. Graham, D. Peden, P. Reid 9, J. Maze, R. Topping, J. Chapman, K. Burns 4.


PRIESTHILL Methodist sank to the bottom of Section A when they lost by eight shots at Eglantine, who took six points to move off the bottom of the table.

The other team without a win, Derriaghy, also won to move up the ladder.

A three helped Tom Connolly to a 7-3 lead at the fifth and after George McLernon had added a single Priesthill picked up two more singles. A last end double still left Eglantine three shots down.

A four helped Charlie Morrison to a 7-2 lead at the fifth, though Roy Kennedy came back to 4-8 with an end left when Eglantine added a double for a six shots win.

After starting with a four John McCandless added a three to lead 11-2 at the fifth, but Margaret McCammick won the next three ends to come back to 7-11, but the last end was a “no score’’.

At the fifth A. Mulligan was 3-2 ahead but William McCullough added four and one. Priesthill finished with two, one but still lost by a shot.

E. Mackin, D. Ford, V. Bryyans, G. McLernon 6, W. Crangle, H. Byrne, B. Moore, T. Connolly 9; D. Kerr, J. McClatchey, M. McLernon, C. Morrison 10, M. Wright, T. Fitzpatrick, D. Totten, R. Kennedy 4; M. McQuillan, J. Liggett, C. Campbell, J. McCandless 11, G. Law, A. Millen, C. Lyons, M. McCammick 7; A. Liggett, J. Nelson, M. McQuillan, W. McCullough 7, N. Girven, D. Croot, E. Wright, A. Mulligan 6.


R. Hamilton, S. Leathem, R. Partridge, R. Walker 11, G. Jeffers, V. McCourt, D. Belshaw, J. Green 5; N. Agnew, M. Reid, T. Rolston, G. Fell 13, I. Hutchinson, N. Park, J. Tinsleyy, N. McAllister 7; C. Agnew, C. Ross, K. Johnston, M. Fell 12, M. Wilson, M. McCandless, J. Campbell, M. Stevenson 6; A. Marks, T. McCallum, J. Belshaw, T. Gill 7, S. Russell, S. Park, H. McCourt, D. Hutchinson 10.