Ballinderry make no mistake to remain top



BALLINDERRY maintained their position at the top of Section A of the Lisburn Indoor Bowling League with a 31 shots win and all seven points at home to Pond Park

A three at the sixth gave Jim Tinsley a 6-4 lead, but Keith Morrison came back with a three and finished with a double to win by two shots as Pond Park had added a single at the eighth.

At the sixth John Green was 6-1 ahead, but Raymond Stubbs finished with two, two, three to win by two shots, which meant Ballinderry were only four shots ahead at the break.

With the help of a three Paul Reid led 8-0 at the fourth and after Mairs Stevenson got his only single Ballinderry added a seven next end and went on to win by 18 shots.

David Hutchinson opened with a double but Eddie Marsden lifted a four at the sixth to lead 10-2. Pond Park added a three but Ballinderry finished with one, three to win by nine shots.

S. Law, A. Morrison, G. Stubbs, K. Morrison 9, S. Russell, B. Park, A. Ross, J. Tinsley 7; C. Marsden, J. McKinstry, N. Marsden, R. Stubbs 8, V. McCourt, K. May, S. Patterson, J. Green 6; D. Brownlie, L. Grahame, R. Gourley, E. Marsden 14, I. Harbinson, N. Park, H. McCourt, D. Hutchinson 5; R. McKinstry, D. Peden, L. Murray, P. Reid 19, M. Wilson, D. Belshaw, M. McCandless, M. Stevenson 1.

DERRIAGHY 36 (5) ST PAUL’S 28 (2)

DERRIAGHY picked up five points from an eight shots home win over St Paul’s in Section A of the Lisburn Indoor Bowling League.

A three helped Gerry Fell to a 6-1 lead at the fourth, but two doubles brought Jim Chapman back to 5-7 at seven ends. A two, three finish gave Derriaghy a seven shots win.

Glen Harvey lifted a four at the second, but Bobby Walker was level 4-4 at the fifth. A three at the seventh gave Derriaghy a 7-5 lead, but St Paul’s finished with one, three to win by two shots.

At the fourth Ken Burns was 5-2 ahead but Michael Fell lifted a double though he was still 5-6 down with an end left when St Paul’s added a single.

A three at the fourth put Tommy Gill 4-3 up but Pat Hughes levelled with a single. Derriaghy lifted a five and after dropping a single added a three to go 12-5 ahead before St Paul’s finished with a two.

D. Gill, M. Reid, T. Rolston, G. Fell 12, B. Braithwaite, S. Clarke, M. Holmes, J. Chapman 5; N. Agnew, C. Ross, K. Johnston, R. Walker 7, J. Maze, R. Topping, B. Kerr, G. Harvey 9; C. Agnew, T. McCallum, B. Leathem, M. Fell 5, F. Walsh, B. Maguire, J. Cunningham, K. Burns 8; A. Marks, R. Hamilton, J. Belshaw, T. Gill 12, I. Kane, J. Riley, G. Megarry, P. Hughes 7.

AGHAGALLON 20 (1) ST PAUL’S 32 (6)

F. Russell, M. McBarron, S. Russell, C. Connolly 4, J. Maze, R. Topping, B. Kerr, G. Harvey 9; J. Lavery, J. Connolly, U. Corey, M. Corey 8, S. Clarke, I. Kane, M. Holmes, J. Chapman 6; M. Fitzpatrick, A. Tallon, B. Walsh, G. Tallon 6, B. Braithwaite, J. Riley, G. Megarry, P. Hughes 9; B. Brown, G. Little, E. Hamill 2, B. Maguire, J. Cunningham, K. Burns 8.