Surprise for Molly at art society party

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editorial image

HILLSBOROUGH Art Society is now celebrating its 25th anniversary and to mark the occasion recently honoured one of its founder members.

Molly McCleary was one of several people who met together 25 years ago to discuss the forming of a new Hillsborough Art Society which has since grown steadily to become one of the Borough’s most successful societies.

Molly has been the backbone of the society for all of its existence and taught for a lifetime in the local Hillsborough Primary School, she has also been active in Sunday School Teaching, Church Life and all aspects of village life. Molly has even acted in the official capacity as Guide to Tourists around Hillsborough Castle Estate.

Molly had the honour at the recent Christmas meeting of the Art Society to receive Honorary Membership

Hillsborough Art Society now has a Membership of approximately 50. Their Annual Exhibition held in Hillsborough Courthouse in late May is a popular and well supported event - not to be missed.




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