‘A very Merry Christmas’ from David Simpson MP

David Simpson. INLM4510-917con

David Simpson. INLM4510-917con

Every year it amazes me how quickly the months pass and here we are again coming to the end of another year.

Of course, it’s always a hectic time and it can be difficult to find time to really relax and enjoy the season, but it’s something we must do. We all rush around looking for gifts for everyone but sometimes miss out on reflecting upon the real meaning of Christmas: the celebration of Our Saviour’s Birthday.

2013 has been a very busy year, we have heard of the creation of jobs, the opening of the multi million pound theatres at Craigavon Area Hospital, additional nursery places for schools and house prices are continuing on the road to recovery.

However, as we appreciate the good we must not forget that there are still people out there battling to survive and keep their business afloat and to families further afield in the Philippines as they face Christmas without basic food and shelter.

The end of the year is a time to take particular care of those who are elderly, frail, or lonely.

This Christmas, let’s all make a difference. Reach out to someone in need, look for opportunities to help others. Our time to them could be the most special gift of all.

My thoughts also go out to all those who can’t be with their loved ones this year, perhaps because of illness or distance and especially to those serving in our armed forces and their families.

It is an honour and a great privilege to serve you the people of Upper Bann and as we approach 2014 and the new challenges that I know it will bring I assure each of you of my continued commitment to represent you in the days ahead.

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and Peaceful New Year.


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