Weightwatchers leader praised for service

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Lisburn Weightwatchers leader, Bernie Walsh, has proved that it is possible to lose weight and keep it off after being awarded her 25 year medal by the diet franchise.

“I was always overweight and had tried every diet under the sun. Everyone has what I would call ‘a last straw’ moment that makes them make the decision to do something important. My ‘last straw’ moment was at a New Year’s Eve party.

“While sitting at the table at the party one man made the comment; ‘Bernie has got her man now she doesn’t care what she looks like’. He said it in a joke and of course what did I do but laugh along with everyone else.

“When I got home, however, it was a different story. I cried my eyes out and vowed I was going to lose weight. I then happened to see an ad for WeightWatchers.

“I started eating breakfast, I started snacking on fruit, I made, and I mean made, myself eat vegetables and yogurts. I was delighted to discover that I could still have my treats and that I did not need to starve myself to lose weight. I also started walking.

“I lost five stone; went from a stretched size 18 to a size 8 and when I reached my goal weight I was asked to become a leader.

“I took on the challenge and have not looked back since. I celebrated 25 years of being a leader this year and to cap it all was voted Leader of the Year in Northern Ireland.”

To find out more about Weightwatchers, contact Bernie on 07789813337.