Warning issued over telephone scam callers

Police are warning the public to be aware of scam telephone calls after they received a complaint from someone who had been contacted by a caller attempting to gain access to their computer.

They say that they received a call from someone claiming to be from BT offering assistance in improving online activity by increasing internet speed.

The caller who was believed to have an Asian accent requested the customer to switch on their computer and access a nominated website.

The local householder said that they were very convincing.

They were able to identify that the member was a 
BT internet customer and had relevant telephone details.

Uneasy about the call, the customer did a prompt check. They rang a member of BT who highlighted that this was not a genuine caller.

It is believed that the caller was trying to ‘lock out’ the computer and then ask for a fee to regain access.

The member emphasised how convincing the caller was thereby making the elderly and vulnerable in particular easy targets for such activity.

The police are reminding householders to be aware of all cold callers.

“Some may be genuine, however no-one should be contacting you to gain access to your computer and online or banking details unless you have initiated any enquiry, complaint or call” said a spokesperson for the police.

“Always ensure that YOU carry out checks on those calling you to ensure the legitimacy of the call using published and official contact details for the company named.”