Wallace pupils kick start their adventure

Wallace High School Year 8 boys taking part in team building activities at their Adventure Day in Castlewellan.
Wallace High School Year 8 boys taking part in team building activities at their Adventure Day in Castlewellan.

THE Wallace High School Year 8 pupils enjoyed their now annual trip to Castlewellan Forest Park recently for a day of fun outdoor activities.

Billed as an “Adventure Day”, all 175 pupils attended and were accompanied by Pastoral staff, House staff and senior prefects.

The programme of activities included canoeing, laser clay pigeon shooting, archery and the famous maze which pupils and staff found a real challenge.

There were also a range of physical and mental challenges, as well as team building tasks, all organised and conducted by the excellent team from “Outdoor Concepts”.

Senior Teacher, Mr Jonny Reid organised the event and commented: “The day was aimed at helping our Year 8 pupils settle in, build confidence and start to make new friends. It was also a great way for the Pastoral staff and tutors to get to know their year group and class set better.”

He continued, “The day was great fun and it was fantastic to see pupils working together to paddle canoes, find their way out of the hedge maze and taking part in other problem solving activities. I think it’s been a great success. The staff found it very rewarding and the pupils had a great time.

The smiles on the faces of both staff and pupils at the end of the day spoke for themselves!”

Head of Year Gillian Carson added: “This is the second time that we have taken all Year 8 pupils away on the Adventure Day and as last year it was a terrific experience for our pupils, helping to reinforce all the newly-formed relationships. The various activities allowed our pupils to have fun in an environment away from school and also to experience new physical and mental challenges. Hopefully, the day has produced firm friendships which will last well beyond school.”

It is perhaps fitting to leave the final word to two of the pupils who took part on the day. Zach Benson commented: “I really enjoyed the whole day and my favourite activity was archery which I had never done before. It was a good way to get to know everyone in my class and also others from within the year group.” His class mate Alex Bateson added, “The day away from school was great fun and a worthwhile experience. I also enjoyed the archery most and found the various physical and mental activities challenging but fun.”