Volunteers are praised

STAFF and volunteers at Lisburn branch of Citizens Advice have received an Investing In Volunteers award in recognition of their work.

Councillor Yvonne Craig, who sits on the board of Citizens Advice in Lisburn, congratulated the staff and volunteers for their hard work and dedication to helping those in need.

Mrs Craig said: “The volunteer staff are highly motivated to give freely of their time to help and advise others and especially those vulnerable members of society. I was delighted to learn of this award and I am very proud of the work that Citizens Advice NI do.

“All the advice they give is impartial and very helpful to those who receive it. More and more people are coming to Citizens Advice for debt advice, so the demands on the volunteer staff at Citizens Advice Lisburn is becoming greater and greater. The award comes as the result of an intensive audit carried out on the volunteer staff, I am so pleased that we are one of only 63 voluntary organisations in NI who have been bestowed with this Award because of the volunteers who work at Citizens Advice Lisburn.”