Villiers’ Praxis position ‘heartless’ says Redpath

The Secretary of State has taken a “heartless” position on Praxis Care’s plight in Hillsborough, ignoring the wishes of local people, according to council newcomer Alexander Redpath.

“ The Secretary of State announced Praxis Care’s current site would be needed by the castle’s new operators, Historic Royal Palaces,” he said. “ She also announced that no funding would be available to assist them in moving to a new site.

“I am extremely disappointed with her position. I have spoken with dozens of local people and the strength of feeling in support of Praxis Care is enormous . . . the Secretary of State is ignoring the wishes of local people and representatives, which is totally unacceptable.

“Her intransigence is putting the jobs of 16 people with learning difficulties in jeopardy. . .

“Given that Praxis Care has invested over £400,000 in the site compensation in the region of £25,000 doesn’t seem much to ask. Without an appropriate site these young people with special needs will have nowhere to go.” Mr Redpath urged the Secretary of State to abandon what he called “this heartless position”.