‘UUP is alive and well’

Alderman Jim Dillon, Edgar Laird (Election Agent) and Councillor Alex Redpath.
Alderman Jim Dillon, Edgar Laird (Election Agent) and Councillor Alex Redpath.

With eight seats in all, the UUP is represented in each of Lisburn City and Castlereagh District Council’s seven electoral areas.

The party is claiming a victory in Lisburn, after upping its representation from four councillors to six, and cheeering Alexander Redpath’s election to a surprise second seat in Downshire West.

Recently co-opted onto Lisburn City Council, Councillor Redparth said: “This is a great result for the Ulster Unionist Party. “We have performed well across the council and have significantly increased our number of seats. This is despite losing our MLA since the last election.

“I think the important thing to draw from this result is that the UUP is alive and well in Lisburn and doesn’t seem to have been damaged in electoral terms by the departure of Basil McCrea.

“I am also pleased that the DUP have been denied an overall majority on Lisburn Castlereagh Council. It is good for democracy to have parties working together and the fact that no one party can dictate what happens in the district is a good thing for our community.”

Newly elected Ulster Unionist Councillor, Tim Mitchell, added: “This is a great result which follows on from a great national performance. The UUP are the only executive party to increase their share of the vote. The DUP, Alliance, Sinn Fein and the SDLP all suffered a fall in their vote.

“I believe the rise in the UUP’s vote is down to the leadership of Mike Nesbitt who has professionalised the party and made us a united, coherent alternative to the DUP”