Two men are jailed over officer’s death

Two men have been jailed over the death of a Crumlin police officer who died when a stolen car crashed into a police vehicle in Londonderry.

Constable Philippa Reynolds, 27, was a passenger in the police car on February 9, 2013.

Shane Christopher Frane, 26, who was driving the stolen car, will serve at least six years for manslaughter.

Conor Clarence, 24, a passenger in the stolen car, will serve 21 months in prison in relation to other offences. He will serve a further 21 months on licence.

Frane was also disqualified from driving for 10 years.

Frane, who is originally from Limerick and with an address at the Simon Community hostel, Derry, pleaded guilty to eight offences including the manslaughter of Constable Reynolds.

He also admitted driving without a licence or insurance, driving when unfit through drink or drugs, and failing to remain at the scene and report an accident.

Clarence, whose address was also given as the Simon Community hostel, pleaded guilty to theft of a vehicle and allowing himself to be carried in a stolen vehicle that was involved in a fatal crash.

Constable Reynolds was the back seat passenger in an unmarked police car that was struck by a stolen 4x4 vehicle that had been travelling up to 80mph.