Tumour survivor to shed locks for charity

Jodie Wilson
Jodie Wilson

A young Lisburn woman who recently underwent emergency surgery to remove a brain tumour is shaving her hair off for charity.

Jodie Wilson, 23, started having constant dreadful headaches, increasing double vision and a terrible pain in her right arm. She was tired all the time and unable to go to work and she felt agitated and angry. This was the start of a life threatening ordeal that she says has changed her life.

It was only after a physiotherapist at Lisburn Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic suggested that she make an appointment with Sam Baird opticians that a swelling behind her eye was detected. An MRI scan confirmed emergency brain surgery was needed.

Jodie said: “A week later we were called in for results where the surgeon informed me that they had been able to successfully remove the whole tumour and thankfully it was benign.

“He was also able to show me the MRI image which showed that the tumour (known as a Meningioma) had been taking up almost around a fifth of my brain, just behind my right eye.

“He explained that the position of the tumour had been pressing on the area of my brain that controlled mood/personality and this would have been why I had been experiencing such differences in my character.”

Since coming out of surgery Jodie has felt like an entirely new person and is determined to help raise awareness so others will spot the condition.

“The surgeon told me that if It hadn’t have been spotted I would have had a seizure or gone into a coma.

“Even if one other person reads this and recognises in themself some of the symptoms that I had and got them checked out – it would be one less person at risk.”

The surgery has left Jodie with an ear to ear scar and partly shaved head so she has decided to shave her long hair off and donate it to the Little Princess Trust – a charity that supplies real hair wigs for children suffering from cancer/hair loss.

Along with donating my hair to The Little Princess Trust Jodie would like to raise money for a cause she feels very strongly about - ‘Women for Women International’. This is a charity that works with socially excluded women in eight countries where war and conflict have devastated lives and communities.

Jodie would like to thank all those who have helped her in her journey to good health including the staff at Lagan Valley Hospital and Royal Victoria Hospital.

To support Jodie please visit www.justgiving.com/Jodie-Wilson2