Ulster Star readers hit the roads

Ulster Star readers have had their say on the state of Lisburn’s roads.

Traffic congestion due to roadworks and the general state of the roads have been the main issues highlighted by motorists to the Star this week.

A local man went as far as saying he thinks Lisburn has the “worst roads in the country”.

Being retired he says he regularly takes drives across the province and has noticed the decline of roads in the area.

“It’s getting worse,” he said.

“I drive to Donegal quite a bit and I definitely think the general state of the roads in Lisburn is by far the worst I have seen in the country.

“The roadworks and traffic delays aren’t helping either,” he added.

The comments all come after The Star asked its Facebook followers to give their opinion.

Karen Stewart commented: “Sure how would you know what a road looks like in Lisburn? They are all being dug up.”

Trevor Aitkenhead said: “Building sites and road works everywhere today - traffic is a nightmare.”

“What has happened to Lisburn, a total disaster,” said Jean Buchanan.

Margaret Irvine said: “Roads are atrocious in rural areas and traffic congestion a nightmare in the “city”.

“Instead of shopping today I went home as I couldn’t face the traffic - bad for business.”

Craig Livingstone commented: “There’s been a big hole at the bottom of the Knockmore Road as you turn left from the Moira Road for weeks. I do agree Lisburn’s roads aren’t good.”

Lorraine Spratt said: “Lisburn is probably top of the list”, for the worst roads in Northern Ireland.

“Not a lot of foresight or thought has gone into the design of road network around Lisburn in the past 15 years. Could do better,” said Jack Allen.

Linnie Mack said: “This digging up business in the centre of town is a nightmare.

“It took me 25 minutes to get from Batchelor’s Walk to the doctors yesterday but I was just thinking today that the Ballymacash Road surface is lovely.”

Vernon Fleming said: “The roads here are a disgrace.”

However John Galloway disagreed. He said: “I disagree - all of Northern Ireland has (bad roads) they are a disgrace and they wonder about accident levels.”

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