Traffic a real issue in Moira - claim

A veteran political activist from Moira has said that officials need to sort out the ongoing traffic problems in the town before permission can be granted to any more homes.

John Lund lodged a complaint about plans for 228 homes to be built at the old Moy Park factory, on the Clarehill Road/Meeting Street.

Mr Lund spoke of the problems motorists have on a daily basis in Moira.

“The village experiences daily tail backs onto the M1 slip road and also similarly to Magheralin,” he said.

“The new roundabout at the Old Kilmore Road and the Glebe Estate development is a joke, with cars coming from Magheralin. Drivers are frustrated with queues tailing back to the previous set of traffic lights in Magheralin.

“As a result of this, they speed onto the roundabout with no concern for other road users. They then go on to block the roundabout impeding any one entering the roundabout intending to go in the Magheralin direction.

“This worsens with tail backs on the Old Kilmore Road which is an exceedingly busy road with a large number of heavy articulated vehicles going up and down a narrow road.”

He described Moira Main Street that has a ‘continual two way single stream narrow thoroughfare.’

“This causes major problems for all pedestrians, especially the disabled; Moira has a lot of retired elderly people more so than many parts of the City of Lisburn,” continued Mr Lund.

“The traffic is also held up at the Meeting Street T Junction.

“Moira has 13,070 vehicles through it daily. 228 new homes would give the village at the very least a further 1,000 vehicles a day extensive development of Magheralin and it’s adjoining area could well add a further 3/5,000 vehicles a day.

“There are no lights on Station Road, another bottle neck, this carries 300,000 passengers from Moira Station alone causing hazardous conditions for pedestrians.

“The Old Kilmore Road which I have complained about for the last 20 years gets worse daily.

“Despite continuous attempts to repair it the 16 foot country lane built before the start of the 20th century is now expanding well above its width which is causing the drainage ditches on either side of the road to collapse.

“The road has to carry 600 heavy goods vehicles daily. It is also becoming a rat run from Lurgan. Many of these cars drive at excessive speeds.”

The old Moy Park factory site closed in 2007.