Petitions call for road improvements

The Northern Ireland Conservative Party have launched two online petitions aimed at rallying support for a new road to ease congestion on the A1 and M1 near Hillsborough and a bypass for Moira.

The campaign follows years of complaints from residents in both villages, who say more needs to be done to ease the increasing traffic problems in the area.

Neil Johnston, who is seeking election on behalf of the Conservative Party at the local council election later this month, said roads are a key issue with people in Moira and Hillsborough.

“The biggest issue for many people on the doorstep is the traffic situation at Hillsborough and Moira,” said Mr Johnston.

“The Hillsborough traffic problems are largely caused by congestion on the A1, most particularly by the roundabout at Hillsborough. Queuing at the roundabout has encouraged drivers coming north on the A1 to detour via Hillsborough in a desperate attempt to gain some marginal advantage at the roundabout. Ironically, the new roadbridge on A1 has clearly exasperated the problem. And with over 13,000 vehicles a day passing thorough Moira it is clear that something needs to be done there as well.”

To sign the petition calling on the Assembly to take action to ease the congestion in the two villages, log onto