New traffic plan for Lisburn city centre

Following an outcry from motorists faced with negotiating the city centre during the ongoing roadworks, the Roads Service has agreed to introduce a new sequence at traffic lights in an attempt to ease congestion and help the flow of traffic.

A new sequence for the traffic lights at Railway Street and Bachelors’ Walk will be introduced after strenuous lobbying by Lisburn Councillor Alexander Redpath, who had received complaints from motorists about traffic problems, particularly around the Linen Centre.

“There are issues regarding managing city centre traffic as a result of the lane closures round the Linen Centre,” said Mr Redpath. “This restriction is slowing traffic flow and forcing people up Wallace Avenue and Seymour Street so they can access the motorway and avoid the city centre altogether.

“I asked the Road Service to investigate whether changing the traffic light sequence at the end of Wallace Avenue and Seymour Street would speed up traffic flow. After consultation with the Traffic Information and Control Centre the Road Service has agreed to change the light sequence and I hope this will improve matters slightly.”

A spokesperson for Roads Service explained: “The maximum time for Market Street has been increased from 30 seconds to 50 seconds for the period of the works. However during the morning peak flow period this additional green time can cause traffic to queue in Linenhall Street, affecting the Union Bridge roundabout so the green times will be adjusted as necessary to manage this. The maximum time for Seymour Street and Wallace Avenue has also been increased to accommodate additional traffic generated by the works.”

Mr Redpath thanked Roads Service for their help in addressing motorists concerns and said he hoped the new system would ease the problems somewhat.

“I’ve been really impressed with the collaborative and helpful approach adopted by the Roads Service. These traffic issues are unlikely to go away as a result of this single measure but if anyone wishes to contact me with their ideas on how to improve matters I will gladly help,” he said.