The jury is out on the resurrection story

As Easter approaches, we are all called to look at the evidence for the resurrection. We must judge for ourselves whether indeed the tomb really was empty, and if so, does the resurrection provide a suitable explanation?

This incoming Palm Sunday, April 13 you are invited to Lisburn Baptist church at 4.30pm to become a member of ‘the jury’, as lawyer Steve Wright presents the historical, medical and legal evidence for the case of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The responsibility of sitting as a member of the jury is, in any case, a serious one. Come along, look at the evidence and reach a personal verdict on the empty tomb.

This event is open to all, Christian and non-Christian alike to come and hear the most fascinating Easter story of all time; to judge for themselves the evidence which will be presented.

Tea will be served in the church hall afterwards. On-street parking is available at the front of the church in Longstone Street, or in the church car park off Tonagh Avenue.