Star readers react to perimeter fencing at Laurelhill

Star readers have reacted to the news that a perimeter fencing scheme is underway at Laurelhill Community College.

In last week’s paper it was reported that resident feel it is a shame the area is being closed off to the public and are calling for the green space to continue to be open to local residents.

However many readers agreed that the fencing should be erected and blamed irresponsible dog owners for not picking up after animal when walking them in the area.

A number of readers took to the Star’s Facebook page to express their opinions. David Williams commented: “Maybe if the community didn’t let their dogs use it as a public toilet the school could have acted differently. As usual the behaviour of the few ruin it for the many.”

Libbie Mccracken said: “If it’s school land then it is their right to erect a fence.”

Samuel Brayshay commented: “Trespassing on private land is an offence that is overlooked by the police far too often. I say good on the school for protecting its own boundaries.”

Alastair Luke added: “ I grew up on the Laurelhill Road and would have spent summers on those pitches playing football until dark. I’ve never had any issues with safety.

“I think this should be a campaign aimed at dog owners rather than a fence.”

Lorna Clarke said: “People ruin it for themselves. Clean up after your dog.”