Star readers react

Last week the Star reported that Lisburn City Council is spending £3.5m on the refurbishment of Lagan Valley Leisureplex.

We asked our Facebook followers what improvements and changes they would like to see at the leisure centre.

Karen Stewart responded saying: “More unnecessary building work in Lisburn. Sure why not? Its only our money.”

Valerie Benson wrote: “Here we go again, wasting money on things that aren’t needed.” Andrew Brown said that he would like to see bigger changing rooms for the swimming pool.

Sandra McIntyre wrote: “Do something about the smelly changing rooms and the heat sitting at the poolside is intolerable.”

Christopher Madden said he would like to see a “bigger/longer competition pool”.

Other Star readers said they felt the money should be going to keeping the A&E at Lagan Valley Hospital open 24/7.