Speaker system ‘turns the air blue’

THE air turned blue in Lisburn City Centre last week - and not because of the cold.

An apparent editing error in the music being played over the onstreet speakers in the run up to Christmas resulted in some very unseasonal language polluting the air.

Lisburn City Centre Management moved quickly to correct the error once they were made aware of the issue but several callers to the Star had heard the offensive language.

The phrase used is a popular one in American rap music but certainly wouldn’t have been fit for the ears of many shoppers in the city.

Indeed our own deputy regional editor, John Hooks, heard the offending line.

Once we made city centre management awatre of the issue the music was immediately stopped.

In a statement they said: “Lisburn City Centre Management were informed of an alleged incident of unacceptable language being heard from the City Centre Speaker System at the end of last week.

“As soon as this incident was reported LCCM instructed the company who supply and provide the management of the music to investigate.

“The system was briefly suspended until LCCM received assurances from the music management company to ensure this would not happen again.

“LCCM and the music management company apologise for any offence caused.”

One caller to the Star remarked: “I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard it. It was as plain as day and certainly not the sort of langauge you’d expect to hear among Christmas music.”

Another said: “I just laughed, it had obviously been missed when they were cleaning up the songs being used.”

We can only surmise the singer will be on Santa’s naughty list for using such disrespectful language - especially in relation to someone’s mother!