Shared Education School for Crumlin?

The first shared education post primary school in Northern Ireland could open in Crumlin by next September.

North Eastern Board agreed this week to take the next step to look into the possibilty of a shared education post primary education centre in Crumlin.

The new school will replace the existing Crumlin Integrated College on the Glenavy Road.

The North Eastern Education and Library Board, at a meeting this week, considered a report of a Working Group, established at the behest of the Board

in November 2013, to explore the potential for shared Post Primary Education in Crumlin.

The Board agreed that it will support the potential concept of shared Post Primary education in Crumlin.

A business case on shared Post Primary education in Crumlin will be prepared by the relevant bodies to establish if such provision can be viable and sustainable.

ADevelopment Proposals are to be presented to the Board before the end of October 2014.

A spokesman for the NEELB said:“While all educational organisations involved in the Working Group recognise the potentially exciting benefits of shared post primary provision in Crumlin they also accept the need to ensure that any proposed new school be viable and sustainable and will be in a position to meet the educational needs of the young people into the future”.