Seymour Hill is set to see the completion of £5m investment project

Seymour Hill is set to see the completion of a private nursing home and the redevelopment of Saint Hilda’s Church of Ireland.

This will see a major private investment of over five million pounds, as well as the much needed employment the new nursing home will bring to the area.

Mayor of the City of Lisburn,Councillor Margaret Tolerton said: “I have been a Councillor for the Seymour hill area since 2007 and over that time I have had the privilege of working closely with the local Community Associations and the church leaders to see real benefits delivered for the Seymour hill area.”

“The completion of this five million pounds project is just one of several multi-million pound investments that are planned, which will have a major impact for those living and working in the Seymour hill area,” she added.

Jonathan Craig MLA commented: “I would like to publicly thank the Community Association who for many years have been working hard alongside ourselves to see much needed investment secured for the area and I look forward to further projects being developed in the area over the next number of months.”

Both welcomed the agreement between the site manager and Lisburn City council to permit the parking of site workers at Kilmakee Leisure Centre, which will reduce the problems of parking.