Scott’s mum thanks Poots for support

A Lisburn woman whose teenage son was badly beaten and left for dead near a disused furniture store two years ago, has thanked the Health Minister Edwin Poots for his support.

For the past eight months Helen-Louise Vineer has had a long running battle with the health service to get a much needed operation for her son Scott (19) who suffered horrendous injuries after his beating in September 2012.

Helen-Louise said, “It is an operation that needs to be done. We were told that it would have be done in England and we would have to fund it ourselves. We just did not have the money to do that.”

Scott’s mum said that after Mr. Poots had lent his support the family got the news that the operation will take place in Northern Ireland.

Scott suffered from head injuries, a fractured skull, and major bruising to his face has been mobility problems and brain damage after the beating.

He was missing for over 30 hours when a police dog handler discovered him.

He was so badly beaten that he was only recognised by the bracelets that he wore.

After suffering from a three-month coma, he has been left with mobility problems but a determined Scott has returned back to SERC and his job club with Mencap.

At the time doctors told Helen-Louise that her beautiful son may not survive.

“We were walking on tender hooks for a very long time,” she said. “We were just hoping for the best but fearing the worse. It was a very scary time for us.”

She spent six months by his bedside while he spent three months in a coma and a further three recovering at hospital.”

“Scott does not remember what happened which in a way was a good thing,” she said. “He is a positive person and has never been negative. He was determined not to give up and so was I.

“He has been left with mobility problems and still needs his crutches. He gets nervous when he is out but that is only to be expected.”

She thanked the community for their support for the past few years.

“We received a lot of support from the community. We received a lot of lovely messages via Facebook which were very welcomed,”