Residents kick-up a stink over toilet issue


Tenants living in social housing accommodation in Lisburn are kicking up a stink over problems with an eco flushing system.

Residents at an apartment block on the Nettlehill Road, run by OakleeTrinity, say they are disappointed with the slow response of the housing association in the matter.

Mr David Taylor, who lives with his wife in the apartment block, says he feels various concerns of the residents are being overlooked.

“There have been numerous issues like the CCTV system not operating properly, the poor landscaping, flooding on paths, path lights not working and just to cap it all, the whole block is regularly left without water to flush our sewage away.

“On several occasions we have been left for hours and days to get this fixed with the contractor leaving it until it suited them.

“It just isn’t good enough. This housing is being neglected and it could have been, and still could be, quality housing for the active elderly but it is going down hill rapidly.”

He continued: “I contacted them numerous times and have sent letters but nothing happens. We get different explanations and there seems to be a shifting of blame.

A spokesperson for Oaklee Trinity said: “We are currently dealing with an issue with the rainwater harvesting system at one of four apartment blocks at Slieve Croob, Nettle Hill, which has unfortunately failed three times since January 2014.

“This problem prevents the wc cisterns from filling up and working properly.

“A temporary fix has been undertaken and the consultant has been requested to report on the system and arrange corrective action as a matter of urgency.”