Poots slams McCrea’s ‘childish’ behaviour

MLA Basil Mccrea
MLA Basil Mccrea

Lagan Valley MLA Edwin Poots says he is disappointed at MLA Basil Mccrea’s “childish” behaviour at a rally for marriage equality outside Belfast City Call.

On Monday Mr Mcrea held a large sheet which had the words “Edwin will you marry me?” emblazoned on it.

Commenting on the incident Mr Poots said:“I have been a Minister of three departments. During this time not once has our NI21 MLA Basil McCrea come to me about local issues, unlike most other parties who have worked well with myself and I with them for Lagan Valley.

“Instead Basil would rather stand side by side with Sinn Fein’s Caitriona Ruane and hold a banner asking me to marry him. “Whilst Basil might find it funny, the lack of co-operation on local issues is not and standing with Sinn Fein while you hold a banner asking to marry me is not working for Lagan Valley.

“On a lighter note I refute his so called offer of marriage as I was happily married to the love of my life Glynis 25 years ago in Bethany Gospel Hall Finaghy and am still as in love with her in our marriage today.”

NI21 Party Leader Basil McCrea said: “We support the principle of equal marriage, whilst we also support the rights of churches not to marry people that do not fit in with their beliefs.

“As in all things in Northern Ireland a little humour is a great communicator,” he said.