Poots seeks clarity on parking issue

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Councillor Luke Poots has challenged the DRD on parking issues in the city.

DRD recently gave a presentation, on the transferring of Parking responsibilities, to the new Lisburn Castlereagh Super Council’s Environmental Services Committee.

Mr Poots challenged the DRD after their presentation included how 3,000 parking fines had been issued in the area.

He sought clarity from the DRD representatives that the 3,000 figure was not an “objective” and stated that if the DRD wanted the council to fine 3,000 people or more that it “wouldn’t be doing it” as “it is in Lisburn/Castlereagh Council’s priority to provide good parking which will help regeneration”.

Mr Poots said that “by no means should it be the Council’s main priority to fine people”.

He added: “We all know that with the new Super councils there will be changes.

“Theses changes in my view should be positive changes - changes that benefit us on a daily basis.”

“I have been informed by DRD that a parking warden does not have to fine people as part of a target and that if they have no reason to fine someone then they shouldn’t,” he added.