Pedestrians forced to walk on the road

Cras parked in Wallace Avenue
Cras parked in Wallace Avenue

A Wallace Avenue resident says people parking on

footpaths in the area are

forcing pedestrians to walk on the busy road.

Since the issue of parking in nearby Conway Street was addressed in January, when white bar markings were placed in an attempt to solve parking concerns, the number of cars parking in Wallace Avenue has increased, according to the concerned man.

Department for Regional Development Minister Danny Kennedy agreed to the action in Conway Street after residents in the area said they were at their wits end because of mounting car parking issues and anti-social behaviour near their homes - including students urinating at the front of a church.

The local resident explained that cars ‘belonging to students’ are ‘abandoned’ on pavements, leaving pedestrians no other option except walking out on the edge of the road as their path has been blocked.

“Something has to be done,” he said.

“When my wife and I are looking after our grandchild and take her out for a walk in her buggy we are often met with a parked car on the pavement which makes it difficult for us to get past and we have to go onto the road.

“Parking on the public footpath hinders wheelchair users and prams and it also blocks the view of drivers entering and leaving our apartment block.

“It is a daily occurrence.”

Councillor Scott Carson said: “During peak periods, there have been instances where local residents in Wallace Avenue have been unable to gain access to their properties as a result of vehicles partially blocking entrances.

“I would appeal to members of the public to be considerate when parking cars in the vicinity of Lisburn City Centre and the surrounding streets.

“I have contacted both SERC and Roads Service around this particular issue.

“It is important that motorists, wherever they park, consider other residents and whether they are blocking a vehicle entrance.” A spokesperson from the SERC Lisburn campus said: “SERC continues to encourage students with cars to be considerate when parking around the Lisburn Campus and to use alternative forms of transport.”

A Department for Regional Development spokesperson said: “Traffic Attendants are empowered to deal with infringements of marked traffic regulations or restrictions that are enforceable in law, for example, infringements of on-street parking regulations, waiting restrictions or urban clearway restrictions. They do not have any power to deal with obstructions.

“Residents who wish to report obstruction of footways or private driveways should do this directly to the PSNI.”