Pedestrian crossing ‘not the solution’ for Moss Road

Moss Road, Lisburn.
Moss Road, Lisburn.

A pedestrian crossing at Moss Road shops is not the solution to the traffic dangers in the area.

That’s according to local UKIP representative Mr Alan Love, who said extra off road parking would make the area safer for both pedestrians and motorists.

Mr Love said: “There has rightly been concern by local residents about traffic risks in the vicinity of the shops on Moss Road, Lambeg.

“Pedestrians, especially children and the elderly, crossing the road outside these shops have felt themselves at risk from the passing traffic.

“Some Lisburn councillors have been consulting locally about the provision of a pedestrian crossing, of zebra or pelican type, at the location. However, while well intentioned, I do not think this is the correct proposal.

“Indeed, under present circumstances, such a crossing may well exacerbate the accident risk,” he added.

“The accident risk at the shops has little to do with speeding, although this can occur further along Moss Road.

“The approaches the shops from both ends of Moss Road are well provided with traffic calming ramps and there is a blind bend for southbound traffic just before the shops.

“Both of these factors cause suitable speed reduction while a full road width ramp immediately south of the Woodland Park junction further calms traffic.

“The risk to pedestrians arises from the chaotic parking situation at the location. The surfaced area outside the shops in Woodland Park and Moss Road to the south of the junction provides off-road car parking for about fifteen vehicles.

“However, the similar area outside the shops on the north side of the junction consists of blocks of paving which include upturned pointed squaresets which are unsuitable for pedestrians, let alone parking.

“The whole effect of this Council owned area is one of urban dereliction, weeds and broken concrete bollards which belittle any attempt by the shop and business owners to keep the area looking attractive. There is a small lay-by provided which will take four cars (five if everyone is an expert at parking).

“While improvements and repairs to shopping areas in the City Centre are of course welcome, councillors should not ignore thriving suburban shopping areas. It should be a matter of priority that this area is converted to provide extra off road parking which would go a long way to opening up traffic flows and rendering the area safer for pedestrians and motorists alike.”