‘No posters here’ say Star readers

Alex Attwood election posters on display around Lisburn. US1417-514cd Picture: Cliff Donaldson
Alex Attwood election posters on display around Lisburn. US1417-514cd Picture: Cliff Donaldson

Star readers have voted against election posters on the Ulster Star Facebook page.

With election fever in full swing the Star asked readers for their views on posters which have been appearing around the city.

Gary Hynds commented: “If some of them put as much effort and speed into their jobs as what they do at election times wouldn’t it be great?”

Tammy Baird didn’t mince her words saying: “Politicians of today will never go door to door speaking to their constituents like politicians used to do many, many years ago. Why? Because they’re afraid of the abuse they’ll get hurled at them for the mess they have made of this country, and rightly so.”

Some people say there are far too many posters and local man Alastair Luke would like the posters banned.

He said: “ Parties should be given equal opportunity to promote themselves to the electorate through the existing postal drop or some additional means that doesn’t involve redecorating our streets.

“How can we take a stand against flags being left to rot on lampposts when our politicians do the same with their posters.

“I’m 100% in favour of a complete ban on election posters decorating public space, with the exception of paid advertising space.”

Lorna Clarke said: “Such a waste of money”.

Paul Mcdowell described the posters as an “eyesore”. He said it is a “waste of time, money and blight on the area. Why don’t they do something useful and speak to people directly; engage in social media etc?”

Michael Wilson suggested there should be a “public debate between the candidates in a suitable location”.

Samantha Buchanan described the posted as “very old fashioned”.

She added: “They should be using social media communication channels to put their message across instead of lots of flyers through the letter box and posters all over the place making our streets look cheap and tacky.”

Kathryn McCamley commented: “Hate the posters. Waste of money and bad for the environment.”

Cyndi Low said, “Blooming eyesore and I agree if they put as much effort and time into making this a city to be proud of instead of wasting tax payers money on non essentials they might have something to boast about.”

Cristina Higginson believed the posters make the town a mess and Rosemary Girvan feels the posters are terrible looking.

William Donaghy said the amount of posters is “way over the top as usual” and Neil McNickle says posters make him “less likely to vote for them”.