New heart failure rehab programme at Lagan Valley

A new Heart Failure Rehabilitation Programme has been developed in Lagan Valley Hospital.

The programme provides a structured supervised exercise programme and educational support to heart failure patients on a weekly basis.

Rehabilitation is a well-established part of the care for patients following a heart attack, cardiac surgery or stent insertion. Through research it is now known that patients with heart failure also benefit from rehabilitation. In keeping with Transforming Your Care, the Heart Failure Team in conjunction with Cardiac Rehabilitation Services have set up this dedicated rehabilitation programme.

Patients under the care of Heart Failure Services at Lagan Valley Hospital can be referred to this newly developed programme.

It is delivered over a 10-12 week period on Thursday mornings in Lagan Valley Hospital. Patients are assessed at the start and the end of the programme and to date, many have already demonstrated improvements in functional capacity, self-confidence and quality of life.