Mother and daughter get photo shoot fit

Fiona and Jordan Humphries
Fiona and Jordan Humphries

After only one month at boot camp, Lisburn mother and daughter duo, Fiona and Jordan Humphries, are a shadow of their former selves after managing to lose over a stone each.

Attending the twice weekly classes at 6.15am and following a comprehensive diet plan, by Impact Training Boot Camps, the ladies embraced the programme and as a result won Impact’s ‘Photo shoot Fit’ challenge.

“I kept starting fad diets and doing sporadic exercise here and there but I had no routine and found it hard sticking to things.” said Jordan.

She continued: “I joined Impact’s Boot Camp to give me a focus and some structure to my weight loss regime, rather than yo-yo dieting. Although it took some getting used to, after a week or two I absolutely loved the programme.”

Reaffirming the power of the training, Fiona said: “The diet plan and early morning workouts have just become a way of life now. I would actually find it very difficult to go back to my old yo-yo diet lifestyle. What Tesco have lost in sales of chocolate, crisps, wine etc. they have gained in chicken, steaks, fish and loads of vegetables.

“Although it may not be apparent I do enjoy the workouts and very much enjoy the feeling at 7am when I arrive home to a still sleeping husband having completed my workout. It has also made it so much easier having Jordan to partner me, we definitely keep each other focused.”

Impact Training Boot Camps is run by leading fitness and nutritional expert, Irene McCaffrey. Speaking on how boot camps can help you lose weight, Irene commented: “The boot camp workout lasts 45 minutes. Each training session is deliberately different using shuttle runs, weight training, circuits and core work. Nutritional advice and a healthy eating plan are provided. Participants only need to bring a mat, hand weights and water.

“Fiona and Jordan are testament that if you follow the plan and work hard, you will get results. They have done amazingly well and it was a pleasure to treat them to a fabulous make-over and photo shoot to capture their achievement. I am very proud of them both and even more so, as they are keeping it up.”

With plans to keep up the training and healthy eating plans, both Jordan and Fiona “absolutely” recommend Impact Training Boot Camps as a great way to lose weight, learn how to eat healthy and to keep the weight off.

For details of the boot camp see or call on 9261 1053.