More street seats needed

Bow Street Lisburn.
Bow Street Lisburn.

A Moira businesswoman who recently had a hip operation has called for more seats to be installed in Bow Street.

The call comes after the woman and her disabled husband went on a brief shopping trip to the city recently.

The two tried to locate a nearby seat but could only find one, which was fully occupied.

“Surely there should be more seats in the city centre than that,” said the woman, who wheeled her husband to the seat and stood alongside him before someone offered her a seat.

“All I needed was just to sit down for a few minutes until I could get my breath back again,” she said.

“The person who gave up her seat was a pensioner herself.

“Surely there were more seats on Bow Street.

“Where have they all gone?.

“There should be more than just a few seats scattered about.”