Moira woman helps launch charity campaign

ChildLine is launching its New Year’s Resolution campaign, which is asking for members of the public in Lisburn to make a resolution that counts and offer their time to support children and young people through the ChildLine’s Schools Service in their local community.

Moira woman Siofra Frost covers the Lisburn area schools and has been volunteering with the service for almost a year.

“I have been volunteering with the ChildLine Schools Service since January, and have loved every minute,” she said.

“I decided to volunteer with ChildLine after developing a keen interest in children’s rights while studying Law at the University of Ulster.

“I completely agree with the ethos of ChildLine, and really feel that if the work we do in schools encourages even one child to reach out for help, then I’m glad to be a part of that organisation.

“Since volunteering with ChildLine I have become more confident in speaking in front of large groups and has even had an impact on my career choices; I am now keen to pursue further legal research on the rights of the child and the protection of children. I also come away from every assembly or workshop feeling like I have made a difference.

“Volunteering is such an enjoyable and rewarding experience - you will be making a difference in the lives of young children and raising awareness about key issues.

“Volunteering is also flexible and you can make it work around your own schedule - there are a range of different roles so there is definitely one to suit everyone.

“You will also be volunteering along with really friendly and warm people who will make you feel extremely welcome when you start. You won’t regret it,” she added.

ChildLine currently has 80 people who volunteer for its pioneering Schools Service which aims to be in a position to visit every primary school in Northern Ireland once every two years by 2016 to talk to children aged 9-11 about abuse, how to protect themselves, and where to get help if they need it.

As a ChildLine School Service volunteer they will spend up to half a day per week helping support the ambitious new programme which aims to prevent abuse before it starts by equipping children in every primary school, in every community of the UK, with the knowledge they need to act with confidence if they fear abuse.

For further information and details on how to apply, go to