Moira parking calls are renewed

A local UKIP representative has welcomed a new footbridge at Moira Railway Station but has urged a re-think on parking.

Downshire West Representative Rebecca McBride, said she hoped that the parking issue would be resolved along Station Road during construction work.

She said that parking was causing significant issues along Station Road to vehicular and pedestrian traffic alike.

One train user, a local mother, has been forced to push her buggy on the busy Station Road as more motorists are using the road to park on.

“The parking situation a must be reviewed and rail users encouraged to use on-site parking and nearby overflow parking,” said Miss 

“There has been a welcome and significant increase in patronage at Moira and this has ensured that on-site parking is now at a 

“I have spoken with one young mother who frequently uses Station Road. As a result of cars parked on the pavement on approach to the station, she is regularly forced to push her buggy along the road in a 60mph zone.

“Furthermore, as visibility for car vehicle drivers is limited by the canal bridge, she is understandably very concerned about her safety, the safety of her child and of course, the safety of other road users.

“It’s great news for rail users that work on the long awaited footbridge has now commenced. Access to Moira station is currently restricted by the level crossing barriers, immediately before and after each train. The footbridge will make life much easier for rail users.

“I appreciate there is no obvious solution which would provide for an immediate resolution of this issue,” she said.

“However, the availability of parking must be rethought in any further development of the station. I’d also encourage rail users to desist from parking on Station Road and instead to use the overflow car park, provided a short distance away at The